About Us

The county of Ida-Virumaa, with its diverse nature, numerous cultural traditions and sights, is situated in the northeast of Estonia, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland and on the eastern border of the European Union.

Our county is known all over the world for its oil shale mines, chemical plants and power stations. Tallinn – St Petersburg and St Petersburg – Tartu – Riga transit and tourism corridors pass through the county. Shipping traffic between Sillamäe – Kotka links the country with northern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Conditions have been created for spending vacation actively by sporting and relaxing. Leisure time can be spent hiking, fishing, horse-riding, participating in different cultural events, visiting museums or luxuriate in spas.

Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre is situated in the county centre Jõhvi. The rapid development of the town has created youthful image of the area, but the history of providing vocational education dates back to 1946 when the industrial school was first founded in nearby Kukruse.  After several years of restructuring and renaming, the school now carries the name Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre. It is the biggest vocational education institution in the region with 1200 students and 130 empl oyees.

Our centre provides education and training in the following fields: Computer Technology, Electronics and Automatics, Civil and Construction Engineering, Electronics and Energetics, Wholesale and Retail, Public Management and Administration, Beauty Services and Hairdressing, Mining and Mineral Processing, Operator of Chemical Processes, Accounting, Hospitality and Catering Service, Wood Processing, Machine-Tool Worker, Clothing and Footwear Making, Textile Work, Food Processing, Transportation Work – 31 professions in total. 

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